Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beauty World update

Beauty World station was the first site to break ground along the entire stretch of Downtown Line 2 (DTL2). Currently, works are going on at the cut & cover section north of the station to back-fill the soil on top of the completed tunnel. Tunnels from the C915 section have already connected to this end of the station and the first stage concreting done to pave the way from Alstom to begin track works.

Pipes on site for road realignment and drainage restoration.

Some openings may be left in the tunnel roof as temporary access shafts as seen in the photo below:

An opening left in the tunnel roof for temporary access.
Additionally, Alstom has started moving in the concrete sleepers to the staging ground. We're anticipating trackworks starting soon.

Stacks of sleepers on the site handed over to Alstom for trackworks
Additionally, just to note, the sign previously stating road diversion works ending 3rd quarter 2013 has been altered. It now says road diversion works will be in place till 3rd quarter 2015 instead. Also, here's a look at the inside of the bored tunnels towards King Albert Park station.

Bukit Panjang tunnel.
Photo credit - Ye Htwe
Photo credit - Ye Htwe

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