Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hillview Superstructures

We review the progress of the numerous superstructures that have emerged at the Hillview site.

Northbound Entrance
While architectural works on the exterior facade remain at a standstill due to the flyover works, the M&E installations proceed within the entrance. The ceiling panels are being installed as well. The column-mount CCTVs have arrived at the entrance in full view from the junction.

Northbound entrance with the pre-installed CCTV mounts
Closeup inside the entrance

The steel falsework for the flyover beams come within inches of the entrance
Coordination is required between the sub contractors during this period of concurrent construction

Ventilation Buildings
The ventilation buildings have been fitted with vertical aluminium strips similar to its sister station at Cashew. The station's themed livery is believed to correspond with the colour of the strips - purple.

2 ventilation buildings

Southbound Entrance
The pre fabricated steel segments of the roof of the second entrance have been assembled onto the RC columns. In addition, escalators have been installed into the entrance.

Cooling Tower
The cooling tower is the only structure to have the superstructure frame constructed with metal.

The flyover works continue to progress. The pre-launched flyover beams are temporarily stored along the decommissioned Cashew Road.

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