Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Cashew Clads

Cladding works on the 2 ventilation buildings have completed. The reinstatement of the Woodlands bound carriageway is almost done and the permanent realignment shall take place soon. Pictures were taken round the station entrance showing the various angles of the facades. The integrated bus bay and drop-off bay is currently being constructed outside the entrance.

The implementation of the wave-like vertical strip design is extended from the cooling tower to the vent building. 
A similar design will be incorporated at Hillview Station
Reinstatement of the woodlands bound road (foreground)
Entrance (viewed from UBTR)
Entrance (viewed from Cashew road)
Entrance viewed from Cashew road
Entrance viewed from decommissioned temporary Cashew road
Construction of twin bays for drop-off and buses

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