Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Chinatown breakthrough

As mentioned in our earlier post, C937 finally broke through to the reception shaft at Upper Cross Street cut & cover site. The process has been a long and arduous one as the ground showed increasing settlement as the machine neared the end point. Care had to be taken to mine the last few metres or so to prevent excessive settlement causing the buildings on both sides to move and potentially see unwanted movement of the road above.

Nevertheless, after several weeks, the team safely accomplished breakthrough, linking the stage 1 tunnels to the stage 3 tunnels. Here are a few photos of the occassion.

Photo credit - Mohd Iskandar Jack
We wish you well in your new project sir.


  1. With reference to all the pictures showing the tunnel mouth, the DTL 1 overrun is i guess directly behind the camera?

    Is it possible to see the launch shaft from the train as it moves further into the CNT overrun, meaning at the point where the bumper is, a few meters away is the opening to daylight?

  2. Any update on other DTL3 tunnels? How far have those TBM goes.. Thanks

    1. Hopefully we can get our tunnel chart for DTL3 up some time soon. Info is coming in for this sector pretty slowly, hence our slowdown in updates unfortunately. From what we know, here's the current break down:

      C923: Upper Changi to Expo - currently boring the Expo tunnel, leaving Bukit Panjang tunnel yet to start (using 1 TBM).
      C923A: PIE shaft to Tampines East - both tunnels completed. PIE shaft to Upper Changi - in progress (using 2 TBMs).
      C925: Tampines East to Tampines Central - currently boring the Expo tunnel, leaving Bukit Panjang tunnel yet to start (using 1 TBM).
      C926: Stadium shaft to Tampines West - currently boring both tunnels. Stadium shaft to Tampines Central - yet to start (using 2 TBMs).
      Prison shaft to Bedok Reservoir - currently boring both tunnels. Prison shaft to Tampines West - yet to start (using 2 TBMs).
      C927: Bedok North to Bedok Reservoir - Expo tunnel done, Bukit Panjang in progress (using 2 TBMs).
      C928: Bedok North to Kaki Bukit - both tunnels done (using 1 TBM).
      C929A: Tai Seng Facility Building to Bedok North - done (1 TBM).
      Ubi to Tai Seng Facility Building - in progress (1 TBM).
      Ubi to Kaki Bukit - in progress (2 TBMs).
      C930: Ubi to MacPherson - both tunnels in progress (using 2 TBMs).
      C931: MacPherson to Mattar - Bukit Panjang tunnel done. Mattar to MacPherson - Expo tunnel yet to start (using 1 TBM).
      C932: Mattar to Geylang Bahru - both tunnels done (using 2 TBMs).
      C933: Bendemeer to Geylang Bahru - both tunnels in progress (using 2 TBMs).
      Bendemeer to Jalan Besar - both tunnels in progress (using 2 TBMs).
      C935: Jalan Besar to Bencoolen - both tunnels in progress (using 2 TBMs).
      C937: Fort Canning to Bencoolen - both tunnels in progress (using 2 TBMs).
      Fort Canning to Chinatown - Bukit Panjang tunnel done, Expo tunnel yet to start (using 1 TBM).

      Hope that answers your query.

  3. Thanks Jon for the update.. apprecaite it.

  4. Replies
    1. It is a launch shaft that is constructed between two stations to facilitate the launch of TBM drives. There are 3 located along DTL Stage 3 - one between Bedok Reservoir and Tampines West called Prison shaft; a second between Tampines West and Tampines Central called Stadium shaft; and a final third one between Tampines East and Upper Changi stations called PIE shaft.

    2. Dear Platinum Lai, do take a look at our latest post to find out more about the cylindrical shafts on Downtown Line 3.



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