Thursday, 17 April 2014

April Tunnel Progress

View of launch shaft at Ubi under C929A 
DTL3 Tunnel Chart
C918A TKK-BTN Tunnel: S604 BP (Green), S605 EP (Orange)
Completed BP tunnel bored by S604
Dismantling of slurry pipes and backup gantries rail at Ring 585 (and progressing back to TKK)
S605 currently beneath the canal wall at the white patch
The remaining TBM under SK, S605 has crossed the ORRS and DTSS and is starting to curve back towards Botanic Gardens. They are replacing the cutters every few days due to the harsh granite conditions posed in this region. We might see breakthrough only in June. The cross passage is currently being mined beneath the underpass and canal. Ground improvement works were carried out 2 weeks ago with the temporary closure of one road lane.

C917A KAP-SAV Tunnel
S602 has caught up with progress. It will follow a very similar timeline with its sister TBM. A month would be spent tunnelling through the granite between R680-R730. Final breakthrough expected in July.

S603 is doing about 4-6 rings per day now. All going well we'll see a breakthrough next month.


  1. Where is S603 breakthrough point ? Is it at matchline C - C ?

    1. Matchlines are cut-off points to segregate drawings into smaller segments. A total of 990 rings will be bored by S602 and S603, unfortunately the drawing gets cut off around the 870th ring.


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