Sunday, 20 April 2014

Brief overview of Stage 3 in 1st Quarter

It is already coming to the end of April, so we'll just cover the stage in brief for the first quarter of the year in this post, taking a look at some updates from the station sites today. Starting with the terminal point at Expo.

The station has been fully excavated and work now progresses on to the structure itself. Rebar is first installed and then concrete is poured to form the structural skeleton of the station. Currently, work is focused on the platform and under-platform levels.

A view of the work area for the future exit next to the Singapore Expo foyer.

Cement mixer lining up with a concrete pumper which delivers the concrete to the basement levels below

A view into the station box pit below

Men busy at work on Easter Sunday

This picture shows the reach of the concrete pump over other traditional methods of pouring the concrete into
a bucket-like container which is then lifted down or up to the required level.

An overall view of the Expo station area

This section is likely to be part of the over-run tunnel and cripple siding

Over-run tunnel with cripple siding site

It is expected that the former underpass under Changi South Avenue 3, at the end of the site here, will be used to
connect the DTL station with the existing EWL Expo station.

A northern view of the Expo station construction site under the EWL tracks.

Upper Changi
This station contract includes the construction of a cross-over, similar to the one at Beauty World station. Located at the end of the cross-over is the launch shaft for the TBM which will bore two bounds towards Expo station.

TBM shield visible in the construction site.

Back-up gantries for the TBM.

Note the dirtied exterior of the TBM thrust cylinder pads. It is expected that these are being fitted to a new shield skin
ahead of re-launching for the second tunnel drive.

This marks the beginning of the station worksite proper. Any area before this is for the construction of the cross-over.

A view showcasing the structure for SUTD behind.

Cross-over worksite.

Tampines West
Having completed the diaphragm walls on the far-side of the site, work now proceeds along the near-side of the site. Works are progressing along and excavation will commence once the retaining walls are in place.

An overall view of the site which the rebar cages visible for diaphragm wall construction on the near-side of the site.

Bedok Reservoir
Work is continuing on the station structure along with the exit adit.

Looking into the subway pit for the future exit across the road from the station box.

Bedok North
Work on the station structure has commence and excavation has since been completed.

Geylang Bahru
The station box is fully excavated and station structure works have commenced.

Bonus: We're throwing in a video for good measure.

Photo credits - All original works by DTL Construction

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