Thursday, 17 October 2013

October summary

Okay, so trying something new that hopefully will help.
This monthly update will display the tunnel sheet for the month to summarise what has been going on in terms of tunnel completion.
Additionally, this will function as a summary of any verbal progress. In addition, probably will do up posts so that people can follow when there's an update and the respective contract pages will be updated too.

Downtown Line 2 summary for the month of October 2013

C916 - Beauty World station is back-filling the launch shaft area and left with 2 layers of struts. Strut level S2 is dismantled and just waiting to be hauled out. An Alstom sign was seen on the site and the area has been vacated to be transformed into the Temporary Staging Area for track works. Expect the road diversion at the junction of Upper Bukit Timah Rd and Jalan Jurong Kechil to be reinstated soon in view of the upcoming track works once back-filling is done.

C917 (King Albert Park) - Works have been progressing smoothly since the site take over by Mac Dow. You can now see Mac Dow banners up on the hoarding and the TBMs have been busy churning and making progress.

C917 (Sixth Avenue) - The crawler cranes on site have been raised once again since the site take over. Mac Dow banners now grace the hoarding here as well.

C918 - Works have resumed full swing. C&C area is busy. Near the launch shaft towards SAV, the concrete form works have been seen waiting to be lowered down into the tunnel area for concrete pouring.

C919 (Botanic Gardens) - The roof slab is mostly done, save for the area near to the transfer linkway to the Circle Line station. Removal of struts should begin soon and back-filling begin. Expect station modification works to come up in the Circle Line area shortly.

C921 (Little India) - Hacking of the temporary Earth Retaining System (diaphragm walls) is on going near the new exit at Little India along Race Course Road. Rebar for the vent shaft or new exit near LTA HQ is also underway with concrete pouring due to take place soon. Back-filling over the station roof slab is also underway. A new lift is being constructed at Entrance C to the station. Tracks are assembled along with sleepers at the TSA area under Alstom.

C921 (Rochor) - Breakthrough of the TBM at the Queen Street shaft in September will see the TBM being lifted out for the second drive on the Expo bound soon.

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