Friday, 25 October 2013

DTL3 October update

In this post, we bring you up to date on the goings on of construction on Downtown Line stage 3 for the month of October.

Firstly, a listing of the TBM shields that we have.

C923 - S-761
C923A - TBM1 (Argo) & TBM2 (Hermes)
C925 - TBM1
C926 - TBM1 (Chloe)TBM2 (Beatrix)TBM3 (Hayley) & TBM4 (Lizzi)
C927 - TBM1 (Tierra) & TBM2 (Kaida)
C928 - TBM1
C929A - S-685 (Harmonica)S-686S-693 (Jupiter) & TBM4
C930 - TBM1 (Gaia) & TBM2
C931 - S-737 (Jet)
C932 - TBM1 (Xena) & TBM2 (Gabrielle)
C933 - S-739 (Whampoa)S-740 (Bendemeer)S-741 & S-742
C935 - S-759 & TBM2
C937 - TBM1TBM2 & TBM3

Green - completed
Orange - tunneling in progress
Aqua - launching soon

So here's an update on some of the TBM tunneling progress. We don't have all the progress available unfortunately. More details and an easy display will be coming up down the line in November and beyond.
C923A PIE shaft to TPE
TBM1 - Completed
TBM2 -
Total: 1074 rings
C926 Stadium shaft to TPW
TBM1 50+ rings at end August
C927 BDN to BDR
TBM1 678 rings. TBM2 75 rings.

C937 FCN to BCL
TBM1 at 105 rings
TBM3 - - - - -

TBM 2 at 54 rings
 In addition, excavation seems to be progressing pretty well overall.
C922 - Expo station has already reached the base slab level at portions of the station.
C925 - Tampines East station is in the process of constructing the retaining walls. The TBM was lowered within the last month and assembled at the launch shaft ready for the Expo-bound drive to Tampines Central station.
C926 - Tampines West is still in the process of constructing the retaining walls as the Tampines Avenue 4 was only shifted over the completed portion a few months ago.
C928 - Bedok North has excavated most of the soil from the station pit area. They will be progressing onto the structural works soon.
C929 - Kaki Bukit station has the top layer casted and excavation work is progressing below using the top-down method where the permanent structure is cast before moving lower to commence excavation at the preceding level below.
C933 - Bendemeer station has seen some under-platform level work go on. Concrete pouring has also been taking place.
 C935 - Jalan Besar station is also employing the top-down method of construction. Most areas have progressed to level 2 of excavation.
C937 - Fort Canning station is progressing swiftly with the top-down method as well. Excavation continues on.
Do check back for more updates as we begin filling up the individual station pages with photos. Feel free to drop us a line if you have anything to contribute too, via the comments section. Have a great day all!

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