Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Chinatown photo post

Just some photos to update on Chinatown station.

20 January 2013: Platform A is the Bukit Panjang
bound platform for DTL

25 June 2013: Pretty view inside the tunnel from
platform B of Chinatown station

25 June 2013

1 September 2013: What it will look like come December

30 September 2013: Please board at Platform A.
So Platform B is unlikely to be used for boarding. I think
it makes sense as commuters will not be confused when
DTL3 opens and the direction of trains departing changes

14 October 2013: Train set 004 at Platform A.
Platform A has a red wall concept as opposed to
Platform B which is grey.
30 October 2013: A closer look at the boarding information.

30 October 2013: More testing underway at the NEL concourse.

30 October 2013: Cross displaying information at the NEL concourse.

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