Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Downtown Line 3 May/Jun 2016 Update: Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of the DTL3 construction update featuring DT28 to DT35. Stay tuned for our next update!

DT28 - Kaki Bukit
Kaki Bukit Ave 1 was reinstated on 24th Apr 2016. Surface structures are at the final stage of completion.

Blk 663 Entrance Structure 
Ventilation Tower at Blk 660A

Overview of Structure from outside Bedok North Sec

Ventilation Tower just outside Kaki Bukit Techpark II

DT29 - Bedok North
There is no update on Bedok North and Bedok Reservoir for this month. We have however included last month's update courtesy of another skyscrapercity member aforl.

View from Bedok North Road

Another View of the Structures outside Blk 620

Structures outside Blk 708

DT30 - Bedok Reservoir

Backfilling in Progress (Mar 2016)

Structures are beginning to emerge from the ground level (Mar 2016)

Worksite outside Longvale

DT31 - Tampines West
Tampines West is the only station we are doing aerial updates for May/Jun, since it is the least completed station so far. Not structures have emerged from the surface and the concourse level roof slab has not been casted.

Staircase and Structure for Escalators outside Blk 933

Roof Slab Casting in Progress

Casting of Columns in Progress near Junction outside Blk 933

Concourse Level Slab

Some parts of the structure from the platform level has not been casted

Overview of Concrete Casting Works between Mar and Jun 2016

DT32 - Tampines Central
Steel works for the entrance structures are underway and will commence cladding soon.

Steel Frame for Entrance Structure

Structures at Tampines Concourse

View Towards Tampines Grande

Cooling Towers Installed

Tampines Central 2 Entrance

DT33 - Tampines East
Backfilling is underway, above ground concrete structures are completed but the rest of the entrance structures have only just begun. Exits C and D are still in the stage of underground works

Entrance at Blk 228

View from the Junction

Additional Entrance at TPJC - Underground Works in Progress

Aerial View of the Blk 228 Entrance

DT34 - Upper Changi
Not much as changed since early this year, here are some photos from Mar 2016 taken by aforl.

View Towards Jalan Tiga Ratus
View Towards Jalan Tiga Ratus
View Towards Jalan Tiga Ratus
DT35 - Expo
Most entrances structure for Expo Station are completed and cladded. The paid link is also completed and backfilled.

Backfilling Completed at Paid Link

Completed Entrance Strcutures

Cooling Towers

Mountain-like Structures

Another View of the Cooling Towers

Looking Towards the Electrical Substation and Overrun

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