Saturday, 28 May 2016

Downtown Line 3 May/Jun 2016 Update: Part 1

Following the completion of DTL2 and the commencement of above ground works on the DTL3, we bring you a special update before DTL3 fully completes by 2017. Here is part 1 featuring DT20 to DT27, we will bring you DT28 to DT35 within the coming week.

DT20 - Fort Canning
Entrance and surface structures are almost completed, pending cladding and architectural finishes work. It looks like the ITS Centre entrance has been structurally designed to allow future developments above.

ITS Centre Entrance 
Fort Canning Entrance

Ventilation Tower

DT21 - Bencoolen
The entrance and surface structures for Bencoolen are integrated with the surrounding buildings, like Fort Canning, the basic structures are complete and pending architectural finishes. Bencoolen Street itself is reinstated temporary as a single lane driveway. Further streetscape works will be conducted upon full completion of the station.

NAFA Entrance
NAFA Entrance and Ventilation Tower

Reinstated Bencoolen Street from Middle Road 
Entrance Structure next to Rendezvous Hotel

DT22 - Jalan Besar
The entrance structures for Jalan Besar are in the final stages of completion too.
Sim Lim Tower Entrance 
A Close-up View of the Entrance

Rowell Court Entrance

DT23 - Bendemeer
Bendemeer Centre Entrance: Cladding and Ceiling works in progress

Both Entrances along Kallang Bahru

View from Boon Keng Road

DT24 - Geylang Bahru
Basic structure is completing for Geylang Bahru, and roofing works is still on the way for the entrances themselves. The yellow colour scheme for the station is also visible from the cladding.
View of Both Entrances 
A Glimpse at Ventilation Tower
Closer View of the HDB Side Entrance

DT25 - Mattar
The secluded station happens to be at the most advanced stage of completion out of all the stations. Cladding works are complete and the only outstanding architectural work are for the covered linkways.
Covered Linkways at Mattar Road Entrance

Merpati Road Entrance

Merpati Road Entrance from Circuit Road Estate 
Close-up View of the Cladding

DT26 - MacPherson
MacPherson is catching up with the rest of the stations, structural works for the entrances are in the last stages of completion and some of cladding are already installed.

Final Touch-ups on the Structure

Entrance and Drop-off/Bus Stop 
Ventilation Tower next to existing CCL Station Structures

View along Paya Lebar Road 
Another Close-up View

DT27 - Ubi
Works for Ubi is also almost at the same level of completion as Mattar. Cladding is completed and reinstatement works for the road was on the way when we were at the site. Ubi Ave 2 was officially realigned back to the original today.
Overview of the Entrances along Ubi Ave 2 
Completed Cladding Works

Ubi Ave 2 that is due to be reinstated behind the hoarding

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