Monday, 14 September 2015

Civil Team 2 - Completion

This consolidated update showcases the completion of the 5 stations from Rochor to Botanic Gardens under the Downtown Line 2's civil team 2 project, excluding Tan Kah Kee Station.

Rochor Station

Entrance B

Entrance A

Fire hydrant at the cooling tower

Entrance B and A on either sides of Rochor Canal Road

Little India Station

Entrance F

Entrance B/E

Misprinted sticker for Entrance E

Reinstatement at Entrance A

New elevator for Entrance A

A&A works at NEL concourse for access to new elevator at Entrance C
A&A works at NEL concourse for DTLtransfer linkway

Newton Station

Pictures from the T.O.P inspection in May can be found here

Reinstatement of the diagonal footpath

Stevens Station

Botanic Gardens Station

Pictures of the interior in August can be found here
A&A at CCL concourse for DTL transfer linkway
DTL Entrance

Cooling Tower

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