Saturday, 15 November 2014

Blackmore Drive Closes

At the King Albert Park site, a temporary road closure of Blackmore Drive has been implemented at 1pm this afternoon. The alignment of the existing diverted road decks above a portion of the site area where the station's entrance will surface. Formwork for the entrance's staircase has already reached the edge of the road and it is time to commence work on the superstructure.

The project team has scheduled the closure of Blackmore Drive to tie in with the entire duration of the December holidays to minimize inconvenience to the students from MGS. Access to Casa Esperanza and MGS will be re-routed using Old Holland Road and Wilby Road during this duration. The road has begun demolishment works at once. The original alignment of Blackmore Drive will reinstate back on January 1, 2015.

We thank our reader Marcus and LTA for contributing to this update.

Advisory signage erected prior to the rerouted roads along Bukit Timah Road 
Closure of Blackmore Drive

(Pre-diversion) Formwork for the station entrance can be seen sloping to the edge of the surface (in front of the crawler crane)
Pre diversion on Nov 14

Casting works for the entrance under the road deck

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