Monday, 24 November 2014

November Tunnel Progress

November 13
TBM2 docked into the Upper Cross Street retrieval shaft earlier today. The completion of this Expo bound tunnel structurally links the network of DTL tunnels from Gali Batu to Bedok Reservoir on both bounds.

November 23
The BP Bound TBM has just launched at the Stadium Shaft towards Tampines Central. This is also the final TBM launch out of the Stadium Shaft. Breakthrough is estimated around Chinese New Year 2015.

For the month of December, we can look forward to the
- Breakthrough of Expo Bound TBM between Stadium Shaft and TPC (926)
- Breakthrough of BP Bound TBM between Prison Shaft and BDR (926)
- Breakthrough of Expo Bound TBM between UPC and XPO (923)

DTL3 tunnel progress as of Nov 23
C929A UBI Launch Shaft
Nov 13 - Breakthrough of C937 TBM2 at Upper Cross Street
C929A Bracing for CP Excavation
C937 Safety team
C929A Cross Passage excavation and FSC works
Bracing for CP excavation in C929A

C926 Stadium → Tampines Central
BP Bound - Ring 2 (0%, Nov 26)
Est breakthrough Feb 2015
Expo Bound - R 205/296 (69%, Nov 23)
Est breakthrough mid Dec

C926 Bedok Reservoir ← Prison
BP Bound - R ~700/836 (84%, Nov 21)
Est breakthrough end Dec

C929A Ubi → Tai Seng Facility Bldg
RT6 - Ring 1282/1445 (89%, Nov 21)
S693 Est breakthrough early Jan

Photo credits - Oop Pocca, Sundar Kumar, Saravaran Savan, Chalermdech Wattanakijyingyong

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