Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tan Kah Kee Clads

Architectural works have commenced on the overhead linkway and Entrance B. The roof of the linkway have been partially completed, while vertical honeycomb-like frames - signature to the station's design, have been installed along the sides of the bridge. Entrance B is also being fitted with the panels on the exterior, and cladding is being done on the interior roof as well.

Reinstatement works around the entrance and south vent building
South vent building
Reinstatement of the walkway to the left
Escalators fitted into the overhead linkway at the entrance side last month

Honeycomb panels and aluminium roof 

Architectural works at Entrance B 

Cooling tower & north vent building
The fans of the cooling tower are in operation, suggesting that the air conditioning is already in use inside the station
Reinstatement at C&C tunnel

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