Monday, 13 April 2015

Turf Club Road Realigns

The realignment of Turf Club Road under ER461 was successfully completed and opened on Saturday morning. The realigned road now makes way for the subsequent reinstatement and completion of the Sixth Avenue station's entrance B - within which escalators have just been installed.

Along Bukit Timah Road, piling works have commenced on the POB's intermediate column that will surface along the canal bank. Beam launching works should take place by the end of this quarter once the column is cast.  The truss for the POB are being fabricated in 2 segments at the moment. The north segment is being fabricated at Entrance B and will be launched up over Dunearn Road. The south segment is being done up over at the main site and will be launched across Bukit Timah Road.

Casting of the ventilation building and entrance is almost completed, while backfilling has started over the station roof slab.

Piling works for the POB column (April 6)
Realigned Turf Club Road (April 13)

Prior to opening (April 6)
Cast ventilation building (April 13)
Backfilling of station (April 13)
Station entrance (April 13)
Entrance B with escalators installed (April 13)
Fabrication of POB truss (north segment)
Fabrication of POB truss (south segment)

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