Wednesday, 4 June 2014

S605 Breakthroughs, Expo Bound Completes

The last frontier of the 16.6km long Expo Bound tunnel for the entire Downtown Line 2 has just been successfully broken through at Botanic Gardens station at 9am this morning. S605 has come a long and arduous journey from the moment of launch, facing many challenges posed by the alternating layers of mix ground and aggregates, as well as tunnelling below existing bridge, canal and tunnel infrastructures without compromising their structural integrity.

The finale breakthrough of S602 would take place at Sixth Avenue station later this month.

Breakthrough of S605 at Botanic Gardens (Photo credits - Alix Thierart)
DTL2 Tunnel Chart, Early June
Frequent updates throughout 605's tunnelling phase made possible by Masud & Bidhan, (Dongah-ACL group)

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