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S602 Breakthroughs, BP Bound Completes

Completion of all bored tunnels within DTL2
At last, the final TBM (S602) has docked into Sixth Avenue Station, concluding 36 months of tunnelling works for the entire Downtown Line 2 when S548 was first launched at Beauty World on 8 June 2011. McConnell Dowell, which coordinated this final TBM docking at Sixth Avenue, is the same contractor which facilitated the inaugural TBM launching at Beauty World 3 years ago. CP1&2 has been excavated and supported, while the last cross passage 3 is currently being mined.

We'd like to acknowledge Herrenknecht, Kawasaki and Hitachi Zosen, the manufacturers for the 19 TBMs along Stage 2. Herrenknecht AG has a renowned history in producing the quality S-number TBMs of various sizes and uses since 1975. The local demand for their machines have steadily grown over the years since the successful implementation of S134 and S135 between Farrer Park and Boon Keng stations along the North East Line. A further 9 machines were procured to construct the southern half of the bored tunnels for the Circle Line. 22 machines had been ordered throughout DTL2 and DTL3, and more will come with the increasing demand of upcoming metro lines.

Kawasaki from Japan delivered 5 machines that were ordered under GS and SK for Contract 913 and 915. Most of their machines used in Singapore are of the slurry type, with a few currently involved in the SP cable tunnel project. Hitachi Zosen supplied STEC 4 Earth Pressure Balance Machines under C920.

These sophisticated machinery would not have been able to operate without the hundreds of men working beneath the surface under immense pressure and poor ventilation. A very big thank you to the tunnelling team from all nationality.
Below is a flashback of the earlier few TBM launches along the stage.
Inaugural launch at Beauty World


1 of 2 Kawasaki Slurry TBMs procured for C913
Initial Launch for TBM1 (BP bound tunnel) towards BKP in August 2011
Breakthrough of TBM1 at Bukit Panjang
Breakthrough of TBM2 at Bukit Panjang
TBM2 gets pulled out into the retrieval shaft
TBMs relaunch a second drive at Cashew towards Hillview
Breakthrough of TBM2 at Hillview

Completed EP tunnel

1 of 3 Kawasaki TBMs procured by SK under C915
TBM2 arrives on site in Sep 2011
Cutterhead arrives
Preparing to lift main shield main shield
Front Shield
Front Shield
Lifting of front shield
Lifting of front shield
Lowering into the shaft
TBM2 Cutterhead
Hoisting it up the next day
Positioning it vertically for lowering
Cutterhead assembled with front shield, mid shield awaiting lowering
Front Shield gets assembled with cutterhead
Preparing to launch TBM2 for the EP tunnel to Hillview
C915 TBM operator room
Navigation status of TBM2
TBM2 gets lifted out at Hillview on 27 Sep 2012
Completed EP tunnel towards Hillview on the right
TBM2 gets lowered down once more at Hume
Driving the Hume-Hillview sector once more for the BP bound tunnel
Arrival of TBM1 and TBM3 in Feb 2012
Lowering of cutterhead
Tail shield of TBM 3
TBM3 fully assembled awaiting to launch the EP bound tunnel to Beauty World
Initial launch of both machines
Breakthrough at Beauty World and shield left in-situ

S548 assembly completion by Herrenknecht
S548 assembly completion by Herrenknecht
Delivery of TBM onto site


S548 Cutterhead

S549 Cutterhead

Preparing to launch both TBMs
Initial Launch of S548 in June 2011

S606 and S607 fresh off Herrenknecht's production line

Acceptance of both machines by Sembawang E&C
TBM parts arrive at Botanic Gardens in July 2011
Lowering S606's front shield into the launch shaft

S607 and S606
TBM launching ceremony in August 2011
S606 bore the Bukit Panjang bound tunnel
S607 bore the Expo bound tunnel
Completed tunnel opening at Botanic Gardens station in 2012
FSC completed in the BP bound tunnel in 2013

4x EPBM produced by STEC
Assembly of TBM 2 and 3 at LTI in Nov 2011
TBM2 and TBM3
TBM4 launching at Newton station
TBM3 breakthrough
TBM2 Breakthrough
TBM4 Breakthrough

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