Monday, 4 November 2013

An update on Newton

Newton is one of the stations that has progressed substantially so the contractor is able to start placing the soil back over the station roof in a process known as back-filling. The road realignment will take awhile yet as the launch shaft for the TBMs towards Stevens station is still in use, and will be for awhile as the TBMs are stripped of their parts once their drives are completed. Meanwhile, keep your eyes open as the new exit begins to take shape, with the lift shaft already in place. Expect modification works at the North-South Line station to begin so passengers will be able to transfer smoothly between the lines in a few years time. Here's a little photo update for you, all from 18 October.

The concrete lift shaft visible as part of the new entrance being built.

Roof slab of the station is visible

Excavator was busy back-filling soil brought in by the dump truck seen
earlier near the lift shaft

This is roughly where they will connect the linkway to the NSL station

Markings for the Additions & Alterations work to come

You can see a little bit of the opening to the shaft visible

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