Saturday, 22 August 2015

King Albert Park Realigns

The 3 lane carriageway of Bukit Timah Road will be reinstated at the King Albert Park site come tomorrow morning. This realignment is one that has been eagerly anticipated by residents. The realignment has been brought forward from year end with great effort from the MacDow team. Blackmore Drive is currently temporarily closed over the weekend as the team cuts the temporary slope inclination that leads to the existing canal decking.

Frames for the drop off bay and permanent bus stop have been constructed, and the overall cladding and M&E works to the overhead linkway, as well as both entrances are almost completed.

Live progress of the reinstatement works
Completed drop off bay at the main entrance of the station.
Cladding on the interior walls & performance louvers covering up the cooling tower on the second level

Architectural and m&e fit outs completed at entrance B

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